Ephemera visited Germany in May, and did a very nice interview with MusicOne.
Here`s the interview...in german:

The Monolove album is now released in Japan and Denmark. If you live in Germany you can buy the album in August.
If you know japanese, read this:


Ephemera wallpapers by MusicOne (Germany-tour):

May 8th : Ephemera play in Berlin, radio concert; Radio Eins Live. May 10th: Hamburg, Knust May 11th: Münster, Gleis 22 May 12th: Köln, All area May 13th: Köln, WDR 1 LIVE

Check out this cool fan site!
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Monday March 7th Ephemera are playing on Svalbard... the same week as the sun is returning to these northern islands.
if you know a little bit norwegian, you can check out this website;

Help us vote, and hopefully ephemera`s "On the surface" will be played on MTV Up North.
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Ephemera`s song "On the surface" is now being played on Danish radio P3 and P4.

„Girls keep secrets…“ and „The hardest thing to do“ were playlisted by LUFTHANSA for their on board radio channels ! “Girls keep secrets..” will run in December and January at the Euromix channel and “The hardest thing to do” will run in January and February at the Ballads channel!

Ephemera and two other Norwegian bands will play in London on Thursday, December 2nd. The event is called Subzero and is held in Infinity Club, 7.30pm.